Rubber Printed Bands Promote Any Cause or Event

Printed Rubber Bands

Printed Rubber Bands are a unique way to promote a cause, product or your entire organization. Spread the word about an item or event is through promotional printed rubber bands that you hand out to participants and supporters.

Custom Printed rubber bands are versatile, coming in a range of colors so you can effectively promote your brand in the marketplace. You can include a company logo, slogan or motto on your bands, which will serve as conversation starters whenever people wear them.

What’s more, printed rubber bands can reinforce group identity, giving everyone who wears them a sense that they are on a team working toward a common goal.

Details on the Custom Printed Bands You can Order from Aero Rubber

When you have an important message to spread, whether for a charity, to help support the troops, announce a product or to motivate individuals, custom printed bands are an ideal way to get the word out. At Aero Rubber, we take pride in the quality and speed of our work producing printed rubber bands.

If you’ve ever had the experience of buying customized bands that were made with latex, a common source of allergies for many individuals, you should know that the team at Aero Rubber will be happy to formulate a latex-free order on request. You won’t have to worry that your printed rubber bands will make anyone feel uncomfortable as you use them in promotions.

Here are details on the printed rubber bands and services that Aero Rubber is proud to offer our customers.

  • Custom print any text
  • Custom print any artwork
  • Able to stretch like a regular rubber band
  • Can be formulated from latex free material
  • Cost effective way to promote your cause, business or products
  • Great for identification/labeling
  • Great for team/group support
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Come in three different widths
  • Font types and styles are somewhat limited
  • Cannot be embossed or debossed
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Environmental friendly

Custom printed bands are a highly effective way to promote your organization, product or event. At Aero Rubber, we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier, with fast turnarounds on orders and a wide variety of rubber items from which to choose. For more information on our natural rubber printed bands or to place an order, please contact the experts at Aero Rubber today.