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Pallet Band Samples

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Thank you for your interest in Aero Rubber Pallet Bands!

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Get A Free Pallet Band Sample.

Don’t stop now! You’re just a step away from realizing savings and efficiency in your warehouse. Pallet Bands can help you save thousands of dollars by switching from plastic wrap.

Advantages of Using Aero Pallet Bands:Single Pallet Band

  • One band is enough to stabilize lighter warehouse loads
  • Multiple bands can stabilize heavier or irregular loads
  • Can reuse again & again
  • 3 formulations – Outdoor, Indoor, & Cold/Freezer Storage
  • Work great with corner boards
  • Takes Less than 1 minute for 1 person to apply
  • Allows access to labels

Aero’s Pallet Bands offer a low cost, reusable and environmentally friendly means of securing pallet loads within your warehousing facility. They are quick to apply, offer easy picking and formulated for different environments. Request your sample now.