Aero’s Tuff Job Line of Rubber Band Products

For Use in Industrial Applications Requiring Rubber Bands Products that can Take a Beating

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Companies sometimes find themselves locked into a particular way of doing things simply because of tradition. If your company manufactures, processes, stores or moves a great deal of product, you already know how important it is to have a system in place to secure product at various stages of the manufacturing, packaging and storage processes.
If you have been struggling with inferior methods for securing items as they pass through these stages, you are losing money and your employees will naturally be working much less efficiently. Consider how a Tuff Job Rubber Band product might fit into your process and increase your efficiencies.

In particular, Aero Drum Liner Bands are a kind of Tuff Job Band that provide the best method known for securing a drum liner in place for temporary closures on 55 gallon drums. There are numerous uses for Aero Drum Liner bands indoors and outdoors. These bands are quickly and easily applied, hold securely and are Reusable!

Many businesses have come to rely on the Tuff Job bands we provide at Aero Rubber. Tuff Job bands are stronger and more durable than traditional twine or standard rubber bands. Because they are made from all natural rubber, you can use them repeatedly and they will maintain their level of elasticity.

Benefits of Using Tuff Job Bands:
From their high stretch factor to the wide variety of sizes they are available in (you can order customized bands to meet your particular needs), Tuff Job Bands are ideal for a wide range of mission-critical tasks in your facility:

  • Sized to handle big jobs in the plant and warehouse
  • More economical than twine or strapping
  • Eliminate the need for expensive application equipment and its maintenance
  • Manufactured from high grade natural rubber
  • Natural rubber is biodegradable

Did You Know that Aero’s Tuff Job Bands:

  • Save time and labor
  • Are Low in cost
  • Are Reusable
  • Have a stretch factor of 2-3 times their relaxed length
  • Can often be shipped with 24 hours of order from Aero’s Large inventory
  • Are available in a variety of standard sizes
  • Are available in Custom sizes to meet your specific needs
  • Are Easy on, easy off in just seconds
  • Secure totes that can be moved quickly and safely from station to station
  • Require no endless wrapping and unwrapping of stretch wrap
  • Won’t lose their elasticity
  • Require no special disposal costs
  • Won’t tear box surfaces or obscure barcodes or other marking

Any business that wants to “go green” and take advantage of reusable products needs to consider how Aero’s Tuff Job bands might fit into their processes. For more information on using Aero’s Tuff Job Rubber Bands in your facilities to save money and work more efficiently, please contact Aero Rubber today by calling (800) 662-1009.