Stability, Efficiency, ROI, Safety

How to Replace Costly and Cumbersome Stretch Wrap with Rubber Pallet Bands

The Stretch Wrap Alternative

  • A single band can stabilize most loads
  • Takes under 1 minute for 1 employee to apply
  • Additional bands can be used for heavier loads if needed
  • Rubber bands deliver excellent ROI over stretch wrap, through savings on material, labor and recycling costs
  • Rubber bands are sustainable as they reduce plastic waste and disposal costs
  • They provide easy access to products
  • Enable full visibility of labels or bar codes
  • Enhance safety of lifting pallets onto higher shelves

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Warehouse Pallet Bands

Three Types of Bands - for Three Different Environments

Standard Warehouse

Warehouse Pallet Bands

Freezer or Cold Storage

Freezer Rubber Bands: A Pallet Shrink Wrap Alternative

Outdoor “All Weather”

Outdoor Pallet Bands

Reusability Meets Efficiency

Drum Pallet Bands BarrelsPallet Bands are Large Rubber Bands that are the perfect product for use in your warehouse facilities. If, like so many companies today, you are always looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint while improving the efficiency of your warehouse operations and reducing costs, Aero’s Pallet Bands enable you to do just that!

Going Green in the Warehouse

Aero’s Pallet Band products are colored green to signify the environmental friendliness of our natural rubber product. Why not make it obvious that your company has taken yet another step towards environmental responsibility!

Pallet Bands Holding Buckets

Typically you will find that only one or two large rubber bands are needed to stabilize a pallet load. This equates to an enormous savings in time and money. It takes more time and effort to work with single-use plastic wraps to secure a pallet, than it does to work with Aero’s Pallet Bands. In addition, unlike pallet plastic wraps, Pallet Bands allow water from sprinkler systems to get through to boxes and/or product and get the job done during a fire. At the same time, these Bands don’t trap in unwanted moisture, unlike pallet plastic wraps.

“They’re holding up great so far. Way better than wrapping in shrink wrap, saves time, and saves resources from going to landfill.”
—Anthony S., Manager

Recommended Pallet Band Sizes

Based on Approximately Two Times the Functional Stretch of the Band

NOTE: 1-1/2” wide bands will functionally stretch less than 1/2 and 3/4” widths.  Product Information

Standard Aero Pallet Band Sizes