Reusable Rubber Bands Eliminate 1.5 Tons of Plastic Waste

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Yellow rubber band on sanitized medical device

Staying safe and going green! THE BRAINSTORM A desire for a change and a simple idea collide. After use, hospital infusion pumps at one hospital were cleaned and then placed in plastic garbage bags to indicate they were ready for use. However, this approach didn’t match the hospital’s sustainability goals. When the units were reused […]

Safe Storage of Rubber Products

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Rolls of rubber sheet

Environment Impacts Rubber Product Shelf Life It is very important for the user to know, the material properties and expected shelf-life of rubber products in storage can be adversely affected by the following: Temperature: Storage temperatures between 72° F (22° C) and 32° F (0° C) are ideal. If stored below 32° F, some products […]

Are Your Electrical Enclosure Gaskets a Safety Hazard?

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Red, black, and white electrical enclosure gaskets

From meters to fuse boxes to enclosed lighting, you’re surrounded by electrical components on the job. Most of them have gaskets just inside the electrical enclosure to stop outside particles from getting into the wiring compartment. But are your current gaskets the right fit and material for your work environment? Do they protect your electrical […]

Discover Oil-Resistant Labels That Look Great

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EO Bandz essential oil bottle band variety

Wash, Reuse & Delight With Oil-Resistant Labels Essential oil fans are delighted, but could their solution apply to your business? Oil, fluids, food, and everyday environments can ruin labels, making it hard for customers to identify your products. But what if there were a better way? Would you want a label that wasn’t affected by […]

What’s the Difference Between a Gasket and a Seal?

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Assorted gaskets and seals

It is a common misconception that gaskets and seals are the same thing. While it is true they perform similar functions in preventing leaks, gaskets and seals have distinct applications. Generally speaking, gaskets serve as a static seal between flat surfaces, such as joints, while seals are used in more dynamic environments between active components […]

Complex Custom Rubber Extrusions Simplified

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Complex rubber extrusions by Aero Rubber

A complex rubber extrusion made to specification is no simple task. Because of the special shapes and features required for optimum performance, complex extrusions take more time and diligence to create. Having the right tools and knowledge is crucial to success. Eliminate delays and orders that fail to meet spec. They can leave your business […]