What’s the Difference Between a Gasket and a Seal?

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Assorted gaskets and seals

It is a common misconception that gaskets and seals are the same thing. While it is true they perform similar functions in preventing leaks, gaskets and seals have distinct applications. Generally speaking, gaskets serve as a static seal between flat surfaces, such as joints, while seals are used in more dynamic environments between active components […]

Complex Custom Rubber Extrusions Simplified

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Complex rubber extrusions by Aero Rubber

A complex rubber extrusion made to specification is no simple task. Because of the special shapes and features required for optimum performance, complex extrusions take more time and diligence to create. Having the right tools and knowledge is crucial to success. Eliminate delays and orders that fail to meet spec. They can leave your business […]

Silicone Benefits & Uses

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Silicone Benefits & Uses

Five Reasons to Switch to Silicone for Industrial Rubber Parts UV & Ozone Resistance Extreme Cold & High Heat Endurance Range of Durometers Color Options Custom Variations From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage manufacturing, silicone is a popular elastomer. Silicone endures manufacturing environments and harsh outdoor conditions easily thanks to properties like UV and ozone […]

Is Your Rubber Tubing Failing? Tips to Help You Succeed

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Orange, Yellow, & Green Tubing

Whether you use tubing for seals, connections or liquid transport the last thing you need is for your tubing to fail. The safety of your employees and customers depends on it. And, not all tubing is created equal. It’s important to consider several factors before you order tubing. We’ll go over some of the most […]

Can A Rubber Band Change The Way You Work?

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Can A Rubber Band Change The Way You Work?

Yes! Custom Rubber Bands Key to Fresh Deliveries The Challenge A national floral company sought an innovative rubber band that could change flower delivery expectations for their business. Traditional floral plastic tubes delivered poor results. They leaked when shipped, leaving damaged packaging and wilted flowers. The company founder knew there had to be a better […]

Did You Know? Quick Rubber Facts

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Rubber Bands Assorted Colors

Where does rubber come from? Natural latex rubber consists of the sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis, also known as the Para rubber tree. In order to harvest the sap, processing plants make diagonal incisions into the bark of the tree to direct the sap into buckets. Although the Hevea brasiliensis is native to […]