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Can A Rubber Band Change The Way You Work?

The simple answer is YES! And finding the right rubber band doesn’t have to be difficult. Our sales engineers are here to help you and companies like you get exactly what you need. Take KaBloom, a florist with a vision. They changed the way flowers are delivered with an idea and the right sized rubber band.

Fastmile Logistics Lowers Shipment Costs With Rubber Pallet Bands

Supply Chain 24|7

With plastic wrap costs averaging $14,000 annually, Fastmile Logistics sought to reduce its packaging material and disposal costs. Learn how realized more than $5,000 a yr. in savings. Continue Learning…How To Save With Pallet Bands

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Folletos en español ya disponibles – Spanish Brochures Now Available

You asked for it and we’re delivering. Now available Spanish brochures for our Tab Bands & Pallet Bands. Check out our Bandas de Lenügeta  and Bandas de Paletas Brochures. And, check back soon as we add more tools to help you.

Pallet Bands Brochure Cover SpanishTab Bands Online Spanish Brochure Cover


Check back regularly for featured projects, new ideas and tips on rubber products.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Backing

PSA MaterialTo obtain optimum performance and shelf-life from pressure sensitive adhesive backed material purchased from Aero Rubber Company Inc., we suggest you consider the following “industry standard” preparation, application and storage guidelines. Read About PSA

Why switch from molded to extruded rubber seals?

Oil Tank Rubber Seals GasketsIn search of a cost-effective way to produce oil lid rubber seals that would meet their size needs, a manufacturing company looked to Aero Rubber Company®, Inc. for assistance. While their molded rubber seals were functionally satisfactory, they could not easily and economically produce additional rubber gasket sizes from that mold.  Each new rubber gasket size required a new mold.  Molds take time to produce and each can be a costly option…. Read More…Oil Tank Seals

Aero IS ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Aero’s commitment to providing quality industrial products and unparalleled customer service to those we serve manifest itself in our efforts to develop and document a quality management system that would support and drive this commitment. In 1996 Aero started on the road to developing a quality management system that would meet the requirements of the ISO 9000 Standard for Quality Management Systems. Then, in 1999 Aero was audited by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for compliance to this international standard and was certified and registered as complying with all of its requirements. Since 1999, Aero has maintained its registration to the various revisions of the ISO 9001 standard and is currently registered by DNV to ISSO 9001:2015. Aero’s quality system and the procedures and work instruction that it is composed of, provide a structured system that assures our customers will receive product that meets all of their specified requirements.