Connector Sleeves Work with Paraffin Petroleum Grout

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Bridge Building Evolves

Rubber Connector Sleeve Rubber Sleeve for use with Paraffin Petroleum Grout

Rubber connector sleeves used in the construction of bridges and parking garages are undergoing changes. Advancements led some construction companies to consider a new paraffin petroleum grout for use within the sleeve. Finding the right rubber formulation for inside the tube is vital to the sleeve’s success.

The paraffin petroleum grout, while just gaining popularity, could become the new industry standard. This grout, however, caused challenges with the existing rubber connector sleeve causing the need for corrective action. A major construction company recently reached out to Aero Rubber Company. They needed help finding the right connector sleeve material to resist the newly developed grout. While the traditional EPDM sleeves held up to UV and Ozone conditions, it was not the polymer of choice for use with a paraffin petroleum grout.

A New Rubber Connector Sleeve

So, after much collaboration with the customer, Aero proposed a dual-material design. In theory, an EPDM cover, and a Nitrile tube would resist the grout due to the unique Nitrile properties. “Through sample runs, we wanted to make sure the customer was satisfied with the new design by his functional testing and use of the sample sleeves,” explained Warren Frye, a Consultative Sales Engineer at Aero. “With the ability to provide this new dual-material connector sleeve, Aero Rubber continues to be the ‘go to’ supplier for rubber connector sleeves.”

We are proud to help clients achieve success. New products like paraffin petroleum grout create a unique opportunity for Aero Rubber to interact with and assist their customers. We seek to help them obtain the solutions they need. Whether you’re developing a new project or improving an older project, Aero Rubber is here to help!

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