Furniture Moving Bands - Aero Mover Bands

Moving Bands Reduce Labor & Save Money

Mover rubber bands provide more gripping power and stay secure in transport. Choose a quality moving band that offers easy installation and work on odd shaped loads as well as boxes and totes. Use one band to secure most items or add multiple bands for bigger jobs. And as an added bonus mover bands can be reused many times, which reduces waste when switching from plastic wrap and packing tape.

Try the Reusable Alternative to Tape

Aero’s Moving Bands:

  • Leave no sticky residue
  • Eliminate the need for packing tape or plastic wrap
  • Do not harm furniture
  • Apply quickly, travel well & remove easily
  • Improve efficiency
  • Are reusable
  • Reduce costs

Wrap Quickly & Securely
with Mover Bands

Use our moving bands to secure furniture pads, prevent drawers & doors from opening, wrap furniture, hold items together and more.

Why spend more time and money to apply plastic wrapping material to a items when there is better and environmentally friendly solution available from Aero Rubber?

We are your one-stop source for reusable alternatives to conventional pallet plastic wraps and tapes.

Furniture Moving Bands - Try Mover Bands

Aero’s Pallet Band products are colored green to signify the environmental friendliness of our natural rubber product. Why not make it obvious that your company has taken yet another step towards environmental responsibility!! Typically you will find that only one or two bands are needed to stabilize a with a mover band. This equates to an enormous savings in time and money. It takes more time and effort to work with single-use plastic wraps to secure items, than it does to work with Aero’s Moving Bands. In addition, unlike plastic wraps, moving bands don’t trap in unwanted moisture.

FMover Band, Moving Band


Aero Mover Bands Sizing Chart


Standard Moving Bands Sizes

Size Aero
Product Number
Flat Length Width
Small BJ23750 23″ 3/4″
Medium PB567509 28″ 3/4″
Large PB72750 36″ 3/4″
X Large PB84750 42″ 3/4″
Super  See Pallet Bands

All stock bands are green. Custom colors available. Lead times vary for custom orders.