Hot Vulcanized and Cold Bond Splicing Services


Whether it is window or door seals, drum seals, large diameter o-rings or some other custom made rubber product that require vulcanized or cold bond splicing, Aero has the equipment, bonding materials and personnel to get the job done right.

Splicing can provide a great cost saving option for your company when you compare it to the costs of creating the tooling required to mold continuous parts. Aero Rubber offers cold bond splicing as well as hot vulcanized splicing to meet your particular requirements. Not certain about which approach is best?

Our team will be happy to discuss the various options available to you. There are obvious benefits to working with a company with extensive experience. We know how to join elastomers together with a bond that is strong and maintains its integrity over time. That’s why so many businesses across the country select Aero Rubber to handle their rubber splicing needs.

Aero Rubber Offers:

  • Expert knowledge with various elastomers and the unique bonding requirements of each
  • A large inventory of splicing molds and presses for use in bonding your materials together
  • Both Hot Vulcanized and Cold Bond Splicing
  • The ability to handle virtually any splice geometry. From simple butt splices, to complex molded corner splices, or simple cold bonded splices we have it covered.

For splices that are both strong and appealing to the eye are important for your project,the professionals at Aero Rubber can help. Our highly detail-oriented consultative sales professionals treat each job with the time and attention it deserves. For more information about Aero’s splicing capabilities and services please contact the experts at Aero Rubber today by calling (800) 662-1009.

What Differentiates Aero Rubber from other companies that provide Rubber Splicing Services?

With Aero Rubber, you receive extensive rubber industry experience and knowledge working with various elastomers. Aero knows the ins and outs of splicing different geometries together. In adddition to the intricacies involved with the splicing of different elastomers (EPDM Vs Neoprene Vs Silicone etc.). Aero gets your job done right under the direct supervision of experts who focus relentlessly on customer and internal quality control requirements. Our pride in craftsmanship and focus on quality are key reasons why Aero has continued to grow over the years.