Neoprene Parts to Meet Your Specifications

Neoprene Roll and PartsNeoprene Rubber, also known as chloroprene, polychloroprene or PC Rubber, is an extremely versatile, multipurpose elastomer that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. This synthetic rubber offers good to excellent tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, weather, petroleum, and oil. These features make neoprene rubber suitable for applications in the industrial, mining and heavy construction, military and aerospace, automotive, wire and cable, food service, and transportation industries.

At Aero Rubber, we specialize in manufacturing rubber parts and components. We offer neoprene rubber part production capabilities for customers in need of custom products and solutions for their industry.

Neoprene Mechanical Capabilities

Neoprene rubber is available in a variety of formulations and mechanical properties. Characteristics such as tensile strength can vary depending on the specific compound or formulation of the rubber. In addition to neoprene rubber’s resistance to oil and petroleum products, the material also offers good chemical resistance against alcohol, animal and vegetable oils, LP gases and fuel oils, and refrigerant ammonia.

Neoprene rubber’s mechanical properties include:

  • Temperature (Reference): -30° F to 210° F
  • Ozone Resistance: Good
  • UV Resistance: Good
  • Grease/Oil Resistance: Good
  • Fuel Resistance: Fair
  • Solvent Resistance: Poor
  • Abrasion Resistance: Fair
  • Tear Resistance: Good
  • Tensile Strength: Good to very good
  • Vibration Dampening: Good

Advantages of Neoprene

Closeup of neoprene partsThe exceptional mechanical properties of neoprene rubber give the material many advantages over other types of rubber. Neoprene rubber is available in a wide range of compound formulations, including economy, commercial, high, and specification grades. For applications that require it, cloth inserted sheets are available, which increase the material’s strength.

Neoprene rubber has outstanding physical toughness and is resistant to heat, hydrocarbon oils, ozone, sun, and other weather elements. The versatility of neoprene offers a good long– and short-term operating temperature range when compared to other general-purpose hydrocarbon elastomers.

The formulation of neoprene rubber can be modified to create a material compound with a wide range of chemical and physical properties. Neoprene can withstand a lot. It will give you good to very good physical toughness and resistance to sun, ozone, and weather. Flammability-resistant compounds are also available.

Neoprene Rubber Parts Manufacturing

At Aero Rubber, our state-of-the-art facility and highly skilled team enable us to manufacture neoprene rubber parts using a variety of manufacturing methods and processes. We primarily use die cutting and lathe cutting to produce Neoprene components from the following rubber formats:

Custom Neoprene Parts From Aero Rubber

At Aero Rubber, we are committed to manufacturing high quality custom components for your application. We specialize in creating custom neoprene rubber parts that meet and exceed your expectations for quality, service, turnaround times, and cost.

Our highly skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to give rubber formulation suggestions based on your unique application and your design. Aero Rubber can formulate neoprene rubber components that best match your needs. To request a quote for your application or to learn more about the capabilities of neoprene rubber, contact us via our online form or call us at (800) 662-1009.