Non-Latex Rubber Bands

When natural latex just won’t do, it’s time to call Aero Rubber for your non-latex synthetic rubber needs. So many people suffer from a latex allergy, it makes sense for your organization to avoid using latex products or providing them to customers.

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 8 to 12 percent of health care workers are latex-sensitive. Workers in plants that produce natural rubber latex or that manufacture products containing natural rubber latex might also be at greater risk. FDA estimates that 1 to 6 percent of the general population may also be sensitive to natural rubber latex.” stated the FDA in Don’t Be Misled by Latex Free Claims.

We are proud to offer the finest in non-latex bands, synthetic rubber products made from synthetic polyisoprene rubber. At Aero Rubber, our in-house sales engineers have plenty of experience and knowledge about non-latex products and stay up-to-date with changing trends.

Why You Should Choose Aero Rubber for Your Next Order:

Non-Latex Bands
  • Non-Latex rubber bands
  • Great for medical facilities and schools
  • Ideal for holding covers on medical equipment
  • An alternative for anyone that has skin sensitivity
  • Easy to stretch
  • Made from synthetic rubber compounds
  • Protects from latex allergies
  • High quality product
  • Available in standard sizes
  • Custom sizes also available

       Help your business get more for your money. Bulk discounts and a $250 minimum ensure that we can pass on savings to you.

Due to terminology changes, Latex Free vs Non-Latex may confuse you. Check out, Don’t be Misled by Latex Free Claims to understand the differences.

Non-latex bands are available in the twelve standard colors below.Chart of non-latex rubber band colors

Our non-latex, synthetic rubber products are of the highest quality and will still help you stretch your budget. For more information about the materials offered at Aero Rubber, please contact us today! We will be happy to consult with you to meet your particular technical requirements as well as your budget. Call 1-800-662-1009 or contact one of our consultative sales engineers today to have your questions answered and start your project today .