Viton roll & gaskets
Viton™ is a specialized fluoroelastomer (FKM) polymer that tolerates high temperatures and contact with oils and fuel. The material properties can be altered broadly based on the specific formulation, making Viton™ an ideal material for ideal for targeting challenging conditions found in hazardous or extreme environments.

At Aero Rubber, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality Viton™ products, including sheet and strippingcustom gaskets, O-rings, seals, tubing and custom hoses, washers, and other components.

Our products are manufactured from a wide range of fluoroelastomer polymers (FKMs), including FKM Commercial Grade Compounds, Chemours Viton™, and more. We can also work with customers to formulate custom FKM compounds to meet your specifications.

FKM Specifications

Every FKM formula has a special array of properties. We work with multiple FKM formulations to ensure we always provide our customers with the best products possible for different applications. The most popular FKMs we work with include:

  • Viton™ A
  • Viton™ B
  • Commercial-grade FKMs
  • Specification-grade compounds

All FKM formulations are non-latex and offer resistance to chemicals, heat, and physical damage from impacts and abrasion. FKMs come in high- and low-temperature varieties, though both withstand environmental hazards such as ozone exposure, UV radiation, and ambient conditions within their operating temperature range. FKMs also have a high degree of tolerance to exposure from fuels, oils, greases, and solvents, making them an excellent choice for industrial components.

Of note, however, Viton™ has low resistance to esters and alcohols with low molecular weights, compounds containing nitrogen, and ketones.

Properties of Viton

Viton gaskets with extrusion
Viton™ is a trademarked FKM formulation featuring numerous useful properties for industrial applications. This material can resist high (and low) temperatures and features high resistance to corrosion and corrosive elements, and offers chemical resistance to a wide variety of fuels, alcohols, diluted acids, oils, and vegetable oils.

Viton™ may also be formulated to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) standards for food production and processing.

Viton™ is one of the eco-friendlier elastomers available on the market. It complies with contemporary regulations for leaks, emissions, and spills during production, which facilitates easier compliance with environmental regulations.

Infographic Describing Viton Applications

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Viton™ Applications

Viton™ has uses in a broad spectrum of industries, such as:

  • Military and Aerospace. Common uses for Viton™ in the Military and aerospace sectors include sheet and stripping, cap seals, custom extrusions and molded parts, tubing and hoses, fabricated gaskets, O-rings, and t-seals.
  • Food processing. Food-safe Viton™ formulations are used to create gaskets and seals for a variety of equipment used in food processing.
  • General manufacturing. Given the material’s resistance to abrasion, fuels, greases, oils, and solvents, Viton™ sealing components have become popular across manufacturing sectors.
  • Medical industry. FDA/USP Class VI Viton™ is popular for producing components used in peristaltic pumps for its ability to tolerate frequent sterilization at high temperatures.
  • Oil and gas. Viton™ offers an ideal sealing material for the harsh conditions found in oil and gas drilling and processing sites.

Viton™ Rubber Parts from Aero Rubber

At Aero Rubber, we produce high-quality Viton™ parts for customers in a diverse range of industries. To see how our FKM / Viton™ knowledge and manufacturing and fabrication capabilities can serve your operation, please contact us today or call us at (800) 662-1009.