Custom Unprinted Silicone Rubber Bands Enhance Your Brand

Colorful silicone rubber bandsAll of our blank silicone wristbands and rubber bands are high quality, functional & vibrant. Let Aero help enhance your products. Use unprinted rubber bands to color code for proper ID and hold items securely. Unlike regular silicone bands, these bands stretch just like natural rubber and pop with bright colors. You choose the size and color that works best for your needs. Form and function combine to raise your brand above others. Use in restaurants, warehouses, and at fundraising events. Super stretch blank rubber bands do it all.


Color Coordination | Identify Products, Visitors & Staff | Hold Items Securely
Protect Edges & Prevent Scratches | Add to Menu Boards | & More


Unprinted Menu Band
Menu Board with Silicone Rubber Band Holder – Photo Courtesy of ©Artman Agency


  • Many Standard Sizes
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Available from tiny bands that will fit on your pinky finger to bands large enough to fit around industrial drums
  • Varying thickness gives you the strength and stretch you need.


Color Code

Game Participants
Types of cords & products

ID People & Products

Helmet Bands are an easy way to show clearance levels for visitors and staff.
Add to bottles for quick visual ID

Menu Board Holders

Create menu displays
Use smaller bands for receipt boards

Bundle Items

Keep display bottles snug
Organize shirts, caps and other items that get messy quick

Create Reusable Packing

Ditch wraps and boxes in favor of unprinted bands

Protect & Hold

Use as bumpers to protect edges from scratches.
Secure drums and heavy equipment with larger bands.

Custom Band Formulation:

  • High quality silicone material
  • Are highly elastic & durable
  • Have a longer life as compared to natural rubber bands
  • Aero periodically tests to assure compliance with Consumer Product Safety Requirements for Lead, BPA and Phthalate content
  • Aero’s silicone compound is non-latex, ozone and UV resistant.

Contact us today at (800) 662- 1009. We deliver the highest quality blank rubber bands with exceptional customer service. Learn more about the uses of super stretch blank silicone bands. And don’t forget to look at our custom printed PromoStretch® Bands as well. Aero Rubber is a full service custom B2B and bulk rubber supplier.

ASI/33103      PPAI# 591578