Custom Rubber Parts Manufactured to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Aero Rubber provides custom rubber parts and sheet materials made in concert with the specific demands required by your project. Your custom rubber part deserves thought and careful scrutiny. As an experienced rubbers parts manufacturer, we ask questions designed to deliver you the best part for your needs. Discussing your project requirements with an Aero Sales Engineer is an important first step in the process.

Parts produced by a custom rubber parts manufacturer


Aero Rubber Is Your Source For Molded, Extruded, Die-Cut & Fabricated Rubber Parts

Aero Rubber Provides:

  • Tools to make your choices easier such as the Choosing Elastomers Guide and guidelines for Safe Storage of Rubber Products
  • Certifications for “REACH”, “RoHS” and “FDA Title 21″ Compliance
  • Experienced Sales Engineers who ask the questions to get you a product that meets your needs while keeping costs down
  • Consistent Quality & Shipment – ISO 9001:2015 Certified

“Our Customers Define Quality – We Make It Happen!”

Aero Rubber’s commitment as a quality custom rubber products manufacturer means providing you with an industrial elastomeric product (rubber part) that satisfies all of the requirements you specify. In order to accomplish this, our Sales Engineers will work tirelessly with you to determine what your definition of a quality product is, and provide you with that product. We Take Rubber Seriously!

Unlike a catalog or stock house, Aero’s Sales Engineers’ proven process reveals and resolves problems before they can occur in production. Our sales engineering staff has an average of 21 years of elastomer experience and will guide you to the best solutions for your project.

Given the wide variety of options available, Aero stands ready to help you determine the best solution for your rubber product project. Call Aero Rubber today to speak with one of our seasoned sales engineers (800) 662-1009. Not quite ready to request a quote? Call us and speak with one of our senior sales engineers. Ready for a quote now? Request a quote for your next project by clicking the button above. We look forward to serving you!

Rubber Parts Manufacturing Methods

At Aero Rubber, we provide rubber molding services, rubber part fabrication, rubber extrusion services and calendered rubber products.

Rubber Molding

Rubber molding processes form uncured rubber and other elastomers into finished products. At Aero Rubber, we offer the following rubber molding methods:

  • Compression Molding. This process relies on compressive force to enclose a rubber preform into the mold cavity. The rubber material heats up and cures within the mold, allowing it to retain its form even after it is removed from the mold. This method offers low tool costs, fast lead times, and many other benefits.
  • Rubber Injection Molding. Rubber material is heated until it is plasticized before being injected at high pressures into a mold cavity. The rubber material is then subjected to high pressure and heat, which starts the vulcanization process. Rubber injection molding is the preferred option for complex designs due to its high level of precision and consistency.

Fabricated Rubber Parts

Our team of manufacturing and fabrication experts can create a wide range of products and components from rubber sheets, tubes, cord, and blanks based on customer specifications. Some of the fabrication methods we specialize in include:

  • Die Cutting. We use computer-controlled die cutting systems to provide fast and accurate die cutting services. We can die cut simple and intricate parts, seals, and gaskets from a wide range of rubber materials with quick turnaround times. Die cutting is ideal for both short and long production runs.
  • Lathe Cutting. Lathe cutting provides parts with higher tolerances and superior sealing performance compared to die cutting. We work with a range of rubber elastomers and can produce almost any ID/OD dimensional combination. This method is ideal for high-volume production.
  • Slitting. Slitting is a popular process for creating extremely precise, consistent strips of material from a rubber substrate. At Aero Rubber, we can slit long lengths and custom widths. We can also include pressure-sensitive adhesives when needed.
  • Splicing. Splicing processes rejoin cut rubber strips to create a new shape. For example, strips of seals can be joined at the edges to form a circle, rectangle, or other shape. Our splicing processes include cold bond splicing and vulcanized bonding, and we can handle nearly any splice geometry.
  • Water Jet Cutting. This process uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through rubber materials. This method offers high levels of precision and speed compared to other cutting techniques. It also features lowers costs and the ability to cut dense and sponge materials.

Rubber Extrusion

In rubber extrusion processes, rubber material is forced through a die to create a continuous shape with a uniform cross-sectional area. Extruded rubber products are commonly used for seals, bumpers, gasket, o-rings, vibration control products, and more. At Aero Rubber, we can accommodate a wide range of profile shapes and work with an array of elastomer materials to create rubber extrusions that meet customer specifications.

Calendered Rubber Products

Calendered rubber is rubber that has undergone the calendering process, which involves passing rubber and textiles through multiple rotating rollers to co-mingle the materials and form composite sheets. The calendering process offers many benefits such as control of material thickness, increased strength, and smooth surface finish. Calendered rubber from Aero Rubber is used across various industries for products such as rubber sheets, conveyor belts, brake lining, gaskets, seals, and more.

Purchasing Custom Rubber Products

You’ll Need to Know or Discuss the Following:

  1. The temperature range that your part will be operating in;
  2. The environment your product will be working in, including any chemicals, gases, or light sources it will be exposed to;
  3. Material specifications your parts must meet

Once your Aero Sales Engineer knows the basic operating conditions your part will require, they’ll be able to offer you options so you can choose what will work best for your application.

Major Items for Discussion When Purchasing Custom Rubber Products:

  • Characteristics/dimensions that are critical to you
  • Tolerances to be held for specified dimensions
  • Which characteristics/dimensions are “for reference purposes only”
  • Standards that apply and the applicable revision level of each
  • What/whose drawing/print the order is to be manufactured to
  • What/whose drawing/print the finished product must comply with
  • If a sample for approval is required prior to production
  • Whether Certification of Conformance is required
  • If laboratory testing for specific material properties is required
  • The date you require shipment by

Choose Elastomers You Trust

Kalrez Rubber

  • Buna ‘N’ (Nitrile)
  • Buna ‘S’ (SBR)
  • Butyl
  • EPDM / EPT
  • EVA
  • Fluorel®Chemraz Rubber
  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM) (Generic Viton®)
  • Fluorosilicone
  • HNBR Nitrile
  • Hypalon CSM
  • LatexViton Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Silicone Vacuum Blankets
  • Synthetic Polyisoprene (latex free)
  • Natural Gum
  • NeopreneAflas Rubber
  • Polyurethane
  • PVC / Vinyl
  • Thermoplastic (TPR / TPE)
  • And Others…


Custom Rubber Parts