Aero’s Line of Strong, Reusable Large Rubber Bands Includes:

Tuff Job Bands

Companies sometimes find themselves locked into a particular way of doing things simply because of tradition. If your company manufactures, processes, stores or moves a great deal of product, you already know how important it is to have a system in place to secure product at various stages of the manufacturing, packaging and storage processes. Aero’s line of heavy-duty rubber bands including our Tuff Job Bands and Drum Liner Bands can break you out of that box and start you on the road to greater efficiency.

Consider a reliable, reusable, cost-effective means of replacing costly, inferior strapping, tape and twine for securing items as they pass through various production stages, Think of the time (i.e. money) you are losing as your employees struggle with these inferiors means of securing product. Consider how extra large and thick rubber bands might fit into your processes and help your company increase your efficiency (i.e. save money).

Large Rubber Bands for Drum Liner

Drum Liner Bands

For instance, Aero’s 17″ x 1/2″ Drum Liner Band is a  Tuff Job Band that provides the best method known for securing a drum liner in place for temporary closures on 55 gallon and other size drums. There are numerous uses for Aero Drum Liner bands indoors and outdoors. These trash can rubber bands are quickly and easily applied, hold securely and are reusable!

Moving Bands

Moving BandsMover bands provide more gripping power and stay secure in transport. Choose a quality moving band that offers easy installation and work on odd-shaped loads as well as boxes and totes. Use one band to secure most items or add multiple bands for bigger jobs. And as an added bonus mover bands can be reused many times, which reduces waste when switching from plastic wrap and packing tape. Explore Moving Bands information and standard sizes.

Benefits of Using Tuff Job Bands

Many businesses have come to rely on Aero’s Tuff Job line of Rubber Bands for a wide variety of applications. Tuff Job bands are stronger and more durable than traditional twine or standard rubber bands. Because Tuff Job Bands are made from all natural rubber, you can use them repeatedly and they will maintain their level of elasticity.

  • Sized to handle big jobs in the plant and warehouse
  • More economical than twine or strapping
  • Eliminate the need for expensive application equipment and its maintenance
  • Manufactured from high grade natural rubber
  • Natural rubber is biodegradable and therefore Environmentally Friendly
  • High quality product

Aero’s Tuff Job Bands:

  • Save time and laborbox flap rubber bands Tuff Job Bands by Aero Rubber
  • Are Low cost
  • Are Reusable
  • Stretch 2-3 times their relaxed length
  • Often ship with 24 hours of order from Aero’s large inventory
  • Are Offered in Standard Sizes
  • Customizable to meet your specific needs
  • Are easy on, easy off in just seconds
  • Secure totes that can be moved quickly and safely from station to station
  • Require no endless wrapping and unwrapping of stretch wrap
  • Won’t lose their elasticity
  • Require no special disposal costs, natural rubber is biodegradable
  • Won’t tear box surfaces or obscure bar codes or other markings


Customization OptionsCustom Packaging Options

Have a unique need for your pallet bands? We have options for retail packaging, labeling, and more!

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Standard Sizes for Large Rubber Bands

All dimensions in inches

Relaxed Flat
Approx. Pieces
Per LB.
BJ12250 12 1/4 1/16 55
BJ14250 14 1/4 1/16 51
BJ14500 14 1/2 1/16 27
BJ17250 17 1/4 1/16 42
BJ17500 17 1/2 1/16 22
BJ20250 20 1/4 1/16 35
BJ23250 23 1/4 1/16 32
BJ23500 23 1/2 1/16 18
BJ23750 23 3/4 1/16 11
BJ26250 26 1/4 1/16 27
BJ30250 30 1/4 1/16 25
BJ34250 34 1/4 1/16 23
BJ40250 40 1/4 1/16 17

Product Information

If it’s Aero’s Pallet Bands that you’re interested in for holding pallet loads in place, just click here: Aero Pallet Bands

Any business that wants to “go green” and take advantage of reusable products needs to consider how Aero’s line of large, thick rubber bands, including Tuff Job Bands and Drum Liner Bands might fit into their processes. For more information on using Aero’s Tuff Job Bands and Drum Liner Bands in your facilities to save money and work more efficiently, please call (800) 662-1009 or contact Aero Rubber today.