Rubber strip wrapped around plant stemEasily Graft Healthy Buds into Place with Rubber Budding Strips

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Get new buds blooming in no time with our easy-to-use rubber budding strips! Simply place the prepared bud against the stalk and wrap the budding strip tightly around to hold it in place. Within 2–3 weeks, the strips deteriorate and reveal a newly rooted bud.


Rubber budding strips The Benefits of Aero Rubber’s Budding Strips

  • Made of rubber latex for a superior grip
  • Ozone degradable
  • Even pressure from all sides

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Budding Strips Size Chart

See our chart of standard sizes of rubber budding strips below. If you can’t find a size close to the one you’re looking for, Aero can also make custom sizes to suit your business’ needs.

Available Standard Sizes

All measurements in inches

Thickness Size (L x W) Approx. Yield/lb.
0.010” 4" x 3/16" 3200
5" x ¼" 2000
5" x 3/16" 2600
6" x 1/4" 1700
8" x 3/8" 1000
0.016" 4" x 3/16" 2100
5" x 1/4" 1300
6" x 1/4" 1100
6" x 3/8" 800
8" x 1/4" 900
8" x 3/8" 600
0.020" 4" x 3/16" 1600
5" x 1/4" 1000
6" x 1/4" 900
6" x 3/8" 600
8" x 1/4" 700
8" x 3/8" 500

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Ready to give Rubber Budding Strips a try?

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