Tab Bands – The Reusable Way to Bundle Wires, Secure Vines, Stakes and More

Dual Tab Band Anchor Band

Quick Release Dual Tab Band

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Natural Rubber Tab Band

EPDM Outdoor Tab Band Orchard and Vineyard Growers Anchor Band

EPDM Outdoor Tab Band

Easy On – Easy Off Unlike Plastic and Nylon Pull Bands

Rubber Tab Bands (or anchor bands) offer a simple and cost effective way for those involved in agriculture and electrical assembly to secure vines such as grape vines or bundle wires together with the option of being able to remove the tab band to reposition it or to gain access to the work area. Easy to apply, remove and reuse, Aero bands are a great way to make your work more efficient and less costly.


Great for Bundling

Indoor & Outdoor Formulations

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How to apply tab bands

If you’ve been using hard, rigid cable ties at your facility, you know how time consuming it is for workers to have to cut them off when they are no longer needed. What’s worse, hard plastic cable ties are not reusable and often wind up in dumps.

Instead, our rubber Tab Bands are suitable for quickly bundling all sorts of items, from securing wires to keeping things organized in a wide variety of agricultural applications. For even quicker removal try our dual tab band.

Benefits of Partnering with Aero Rubber for Your Rubber Tab Band Needs

You can easily make a business case for going with Aero Rubber. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our reusable Tab Bands:

  • A great way to bundle wires or secure items
  • Use in agricultural applications
  • No adjusting necessary as they will stretch around an object
  • Rubber is naturally flexible and highly stretchable
  • Aero UV/Ozone resistant formulation – Tab Bands are Perfect for outdoors
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Gentle on fingers
  • Reusable
  • Low in cost
  • Large inventory for fast shipment
  • Standard bands are made from natural rubber
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Standard sizes in stock and custom sizes available

Switching from hard plastic cable ties to reusable Aero Rubber Tab Bands will help you speed up work at your facility. They will also save you time and money when compared to single-use plastic cable ties. For more information, please contact the rubber experts at Aero Rubber today by calling (800) 662-1009.

Materials Used in Rubber Molding Operations

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Get the Right Formulation for Your Applications

Aero’s Tab Band products can be purchased in two different formulations. The standard formulation is generally used for indoor applications where exposure to sunlight and/or ozone is not likely. Aero also offers a special UV/Ozone Resistant formulation for outdoor use and for use in electrical wire bundling applications where ozone is likely to be present. Ask your Aero Rubber Band sales engineer for more details.