Reusable Rubber Bands Eliminate 1.5 Tons of Plastic Waste

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Staying safe and going green! THE BRAINSTORM A desire for a change and a simple idea collide. After use, hospital infusion pumps at one hospital were cleaned and then placed in plastic garbage bags to indicate they were ready for use. However, this approach didn’t match the hospital’s sustainability goals. When the units were reused […]

Can A Rubber Band Change The Way You Work?

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Can A Rubber Band Change The Way You Work?

Yes! Custom Rubber Bands Key to Bloom2O The Challenge To find an innovative rubber band that could change flower delivery expectations for KaBloom Flowers, Gifts and More®! Traditional floral plastic tubes delivered poor results. They leaked when shipped, leaving damaged packaging and wilted flowers. Founder and former CEO David Hartstein knew there had to be […]

Did You Know? Quick Rubber Facts

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Where does rubber come from? Natural latex rubber consists of the sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis, also known as the Para rubber tree. In order to harvest the sap, processing plants make diagonal incisions into the bark of the tree to direct the sap into buckets. Although the Hevea brasiliensis is native to […]