A Quick Guide to Common Elastomers & Their Traits

Elastomer selection is a critical decision process when you need material to stand up to a given set of environmental conditions.  Arm yourself with the information needed to make an informed selection. The elastomer selection chart below contains key information. Use it as a guide when selecting an elastomer that will work best for your project.

Before making your final choice, call Aero Rubber and speak with one of our experienced sales engineers. They will fill in any gaps you may have and present you with additional options that may not be so obvious. They will then provide you with a competitive quote for the material you ultimately select. Call (800) 662-1009 Now!

Questions we’ll ask:

  • What will the part be used as?
  • Is there a specific material specification needed such as ASTM or Military Spec?
  • Will it need to hold up to any harsh conditions or chemicals? (In use or cleaning)
  • Under what operating conditions will it be used?

As you select an elastomer, remember:

  • All of the traits of rubber are trade-offs. If a polymer is good for something, it is usually bad at something else. It is important to know what the rubber (aka “elastomer”) will be used for and where it will be exposed.
  • A rubber compound can be a blend of two or more elastomers (elastomers are major ingredients in different rubber compounds). This formulation recipe influences the finished part’s function, service life and competitive pricing.
  • The chosen elastomers’ formulation (recipe) will affect the physical properties of the part, its function and service life. It is the user’s responsibility to test a sample part or lab sample to determine the performance characteristics and suitability of the compound for the specific function and service life.
  • Use the information presented herein only as a general “guide”. We cannot guarantee its completeness, nor accuracy, nor assume responsibility for its use due to the myriad of combinations and uses.

Guide to choosing elastomers - Rubber material selection guide by Aero Rubber

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