Outdoor Pallet Bands for All Weather Use

Outdoor Pallet Bands Specially Formulated for All Weather Applications

Protect Your Investment Longer

Aero’s All-Weather/Outdoor Pallet Bands are made from a rubber compound that is specially formulated to allow them to stand up to long-term exposure to elements such as sun and ozone.  Standard bands degrade and fail in short periods of time when exposed to the elements.  Aero’s outdoor Pallet Bands are resistant to ultraviolet light and ozone. Our UV and Ozone Resistant Outdoor Pallet Bands will not crack, degrade or loose their elasticity.

Call Aero Rubber now at (800) 662-1009. Try our Outdoor Bands for your outdoor applications and see how they can help you get your jobs done quickly, correctly and with the highest return on your investment. There are many “types” or “elastomers” of rubber. Each elastomer  has it’s strengths and weaknesses for a given use and environment. Aero continues to develop only the highest quality rubber products for a variety of industries and/or applications.

Aero’s Outdoor Pallet Bands are:

  • Ozone and UV resistant EPDM
  • Ideal for outdoor temperatures extremes
  • Perfect for outdoor and weather resistant exposure.
  • Resistant to sea water
  • Black in color to help you know which pallet band is in use (Warehouse Pallet Bands are green; and Freezer Pallet Bands are blue).

UV Resistant Rubber Bands

How Can They Change the Way You Work?

Aero’s Outdoor Bands:

  • Are reusable
  • Stabilize most loads using one properly sized band
  • Can stabilize unique loads with the use of multiple bands
  • Are easily applied by a Single Employee (Click here to see video);
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Cut landfill and plastic wrap disposal costs
  • Lower your dependence on shrink wrap, stretch wrap, plastic film, tapes and twine
  • Require no additional tools or expensive machinery
  • Don’t trap in unwanted moisture, unlike plastic wraps
  • Won’t tear or damage container surfaces or obscure bar codes

Customization OptionsHave a unique need for your pallet bands? We have options for retail packaging, labeling, and more!

View Pallet Band Options

Aero’s Pallet Bands are available in standard and custom sizes to meet your specific needs.

Aero Rubber provides only the highest quality rubber products for our many loyal customers. For more details on our outdoor rubber band products, including Outdoor Pallet Bands and how they can repeatedly stand up to the harsh external environment, please contact Aero Rubber today at (800) 662-1009.

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