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A Conversation Extended Rubber Pad Life by 400%

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Do you ever find yourself ordering replacement rubber parts every few months? Do your parts last as long as you’d like them to last? We’ve seen it before. You’ve been using the same rubber part for years and assume it’s the best you can get. The truth is, it’s possible that by picking up the phone you may be able to improve your overall part life and costs.

Identifying the Problem with a Rubber Pad

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Take for instance, a long-time Aero Rubber Company customer who ordered rubber pads for their press plates every 3-4 months. They knew what rubber part they wanted and ordered without discussing the details of the project. While the rubber parts worked perfectly for their application, over time the rubber pads hardened and cracked. The customer hoped for a longer service life. With a call back to Aero, the Aero Sales Engineer began asking more questions. As they discussed the issue, the sales engineer soon discovered vital information. The rubber pad was exposed to high temperatures and significant compression/load. This resulted in a shortened rubber pad life cycle.

Two Heads are Better than One

While the rubber material originally used would appear with the basic properties to be completely acceptable and kept initial costs low for the rubber material, over time the costs compounded. When Aero approached this customer with the idea of testing a higher quality compound, the customer was skeptical. But, they thought it was worth a try. After sampling a few enhanced pads, they agreed on a new rubber compound that was slightly higher in cost. Now replacements are only needed once a year instead of quarterly. Down time and total rubber material cost shifted dramatically. The change extended the part life 400% and reduced costs over the course of a year.

Whether you have a new or an existing rubber part, Aero Rubber will help you get the most out of it. We will work with you to determine the rubber specifications that will best meet your needs. Rubber elastomer selection may begin with selecting a few potential types of rubber materials, but to maximize life cycle and minimize pricing, a personal consultation is essential. At Aero, “Our Customers Define Quality – We Make It Happen.” We will work with you to build a relationship for today and the future.

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Talking to an Aero Rubber consultative sales engineer about your project gets you over 49 years of rubber manufacturing experience. We provide spec grade rubber material, reliability, and attention to detail. You can count on us to ask the right questions and consistently produce your custom rubber parts. We meet relevant regulatory requirements. Aero Rubber is ISO 9001:2015 certified. View our custom rubber capabilities today.