Silicone Benefits & Uses

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Sponge Silicone Rubber Sheet with Gaskets

Five Reasons to Switch to Silicone for Industrial Rubber Parts

  1. UV & Ozone Resistance
  2. Extreme Cold & High Heat Endurance
  3. Range of Durometers
  4. Color Options
  5. Custom Variations

From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage manufacturing, silicone is a popular elastomer.

Silicone endures manufacturing environments and harsh outdoor conditions easily thanks to properties like UV and ozone resistance, as well as tolerance of a wide range of temperatures. These features, along with an extended service life, make silicone one of the most in-demand elastomers. In spite of a recent shortage, its uses are only expanding as more industries see the broad range of benefits silicone can offer. If you’re searching for a new elastomer, here are some reasons why silicone may be the best choice.

Top Benefits

Customize Your Project

Silicone Rubber Sheet Circles with Gaskets and Chemical Resistant Fluorosilicone

When you need an elastomer that tackles extreme temperatures, has outdoor resistance, and can be customized for your project, silicone may be perfect for the job. Aero Rubber Company®, Inc.’s dedicated sales team will help you discover how many silicone uses can fits your needs. Aero Rubber Company®, Inc. is proud to offer reduced lead times during the current silicone shortage through a network of reliable compounders.

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