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Don’t stop now! You’re just a step away from realizing savings and efficiency in your warehouse. Pallet Bands can help you save thousands of dollars by switching from plastic wrap.

Advantages of Using Aero Pallet Bands:Rubber Pallet Bands

  • One band is enough to stabilize lighter warehouse loads
  • Multiple bands can stabilize heavier or irregular loads
  • Can reuse again & again
  • 3 formulations – Outdoor, Indoor, & Cold/Freezer Storage
  • Work great with corner boards
  • Takes less than 1 minute for 1 person to apply
  • Allows access to labels

Aero’s Pallet Bands offer a low-cost, reusable and environmentally friendly means of securing pallet loads within your warehousing facility. They are quick to apply, offer easy picking and formulated for different environments. Request your sample now. 


  • Indicate the size of pallet you want the band s to fit around. Please choose the exact or closest size.
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