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Essential oil fans are delighted, but could their solution apply to your business? Oil, fluids, food, and everyday environments can ruin labels, making it hard for customers to identify your products. But what if there were a better way? Would you want a label that wasn’t affected by oil, could be washed, reused, and looked great time and time again?

The Challenge

This struggle was all too common for essential oil enthusiasts Colleen Anthony and Dina Susich, Co-owners of EO Bandz. What started as a hobby, turned into a successful business filling an essential need. When Colleen began mixing her own essential oil blends, she labeled her bottles with stickers, like many other oil users.

The problem was that the stickers weren’t performing the way she needed. “It was extremely frustrating to spend money on precious oils only to throw the contents away because the stickers fell off,” she explained.

Even more important to Colleen was knowing the contents of her bottles for her family’s safety. “You need to know what’s in your containers for yourself and your kids. I just wanted something that told me what I was giving my daughter.” Colleen’s concerns led her on a search for an oil-resistant labeling method that she could share with other essential oil users.

“It just seemed like a simple solution to have labels that would last.”
—Colleen Anthony, Co-owner of EO Bandz

EO Bandz essential oil bottle band variety

The Search for a Label

Colleen started with trying to optimize the most popular option for essential oil labels—stickers. She attempted every method from paper covered with packaging tape to custom printed label sheets, but she kept ending up with the same issues. Labeling with stickers left bottles slippery and prone to smudged writing from the oils. Once the labels became unreadable or came off completely, she had to choose between wasting her carefully crafted oils and the risk of guessing the contents.

Labels that did stay in place still had to be scraped off empty bottles so they could be boiled for the next batch. “You can spend $1.75 for a vinyl sticker that’s printed in cursive, but it’s not reusable,” Colleen explained. “And if you use oils daily, the stickers maybe last a week.”

Bottom line: no solution was cost-effective. Every existing option left Colleen right back at square one, going through costly solutions that didn’t cover all of essential oil users’ needs.

The Fix

Having exhausted all conventional options, Colleen headed to the hardware store where she found something close to what she was looking for—o-rings. They would provide the durability and grip she wanted for her bottles along with being reusable. However, the o-rings didn’t have the customization options that she really needed to tell her bottles apart.

With their final goal in mind, a simple internet search led partners Colleen and Dina to Aero Rubber’s PromoStretch® Silicone Bands. Despite reaching out to a few companies, Aero Rubber was the only company to return their call. After chatting with a Sales Engineer, they found that Aero’s pricing was competitive and that our product could easily provide customization, a sure grip, and the reusability and durability they wanted for essential oil bottle labels. And there was an added bonus of tons of color choices.

The Benefits

Thanks to Aero Rubber’s PromoStretch® silicone bands, Colleen and Dina can offer their customers an option that checks all the right boxes—reusability, durability, and a broad range of customized printing and colors. “This makes life simple,” Colleen said of the bands. “It’s one of those things you think should be readily available in the market.” Now essential oil users from all over have access to bands that make holistic living quick, convenient, and affordable.

The Outcome

With their first order, the team launched their new business EO Bandz. They were hopeful the new bands would fill a need, but sales quickly rose above their expectations. When Colleen and Dina officially began selling, they sold one-quarter of their inventory in a six-month span without even a website.

Since launching their online business in fall 2019, Colleen and Dina have kept up the good momentum, selling the bands in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. “Our general orders are fairly steady and we’re looking to expand,” the partners elaborated.

The feedback so far has been extremely positive, but their favorite feedback came from the parents of special needs children. The parents praised EO Bandz’s wide color scheme and the silicone design’s superior grip as ideal for their children’s use. “They want to give them a responsibility to go get their oils and use them on their own,” Colleen explained. Knowing that their bands made a difference in the lives of these families “was really nice to see.”

Colleen and Dina are extremely proud of the work they’ve done. Their goal with EO Bandz is to be the go-to label option for all essential oil users. Whatever their next venture, we at Aero Rubber look forward to remaining a part of their journey.

EO Bandz essential oil bands with box and bottles

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