PromoStretch® Custom Printed Silicone Bands

Promostretch LogoPromo items may come and go, but custom printed silicone bands create a lasting impact. Design with your company name, logo, phone number, and email address in your choice of size and color. Your brand and creativity shine with Aero Rubber PromoStretch® Silicone Stretch Bands. Our printed bands allow you to promote your organization, cause, business or products in a unique way. When you create branded rubber bands with Aero you will get unrivaled print quality along with unique printing options. With multiple sizes and a soft stretch similar to natural rubber, our advertising bands are the finishing touch to set your product apart.

“We received our bands today and they are PERFECT! Thank you for working with me on this project…they are exactly what we wanted! The colors are dead on! We will pass on your information to our clients when they ask us about them.”
—Eley W., Buyer (PromoStretch® Customer)

PromoStretch® Custom Printed Silicone Bands Are Built to Last:

  • High quality silicone material non-latex, ozone and UV resistant
  • Aero’s proprietary stretchy silicone formulation is elastic & durable.
  • PromoStretch® Bands have a longer life compared to natural rubber bands
  • Ideal for bundling & labeling items
  • Available in virtually any color, or combination of colors on the same band
  • Single color or intricate multi-color logos, text, or designs.
  • Custom sizes available.

Imprint Your Custom Silicone Bands with:

  • 360° Printing Inside & Out
  • Unique printed designs
  • Characters
  • Logos or Symbols
  • UPC Bar Codes or QR Codes
PromoStretch Advertising Bands Bundle

The upscale packaging option that brings two or more of your products together. Use the bands to create hat & tee combos, multi-packs, gift packages, or keep tickets together. Keep items neat, suggest proper pairing options and get your message across with printed silicone bands. The strong and striking alternative.

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Print in multiple colors. Bands available in:

  • Translucent
  • Pastels, Neons, Metallics
  • Swirled or Segmented Colors
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Pantone Color Matched (Approximate)

Draw attention to items on display and in-store. Promote sales, special events and create a lasting brand identity. PromoStretch® quality print does not rub off or crack which means your message will look great after multiple uses.  With multiple sizes – thick to thin – long or short – Aero has an advertising band to fit your needs. The addition of a custom silicone band means you can easily add unique event information or dress up a product for the holidays to add merchandising value. An adjustable labeling option to fit your needs.

Brand Your Products

Advertise Your Company

Add Product Information

Customize Corporate Reports

Promote Your Cause

Custom Silicone Bands for Packaging

Keep items together, mark sizes, and create a unique packaging option by using custom printed PromoStretch® bands. Read about how one of our clients, Bike Tube, turned a packaging liability into a customer success and another client, EO Bandz, used our bands to create colorful labels for essential oil bottles. The bands can be strong enough to hold bottles together, delicate enough not to damage brochures, and are versatile after their first use. Branded silicone bands are perfect for those hard-to-store items.


Custom Printed Rubber Bands for Clothes Sizes

PromoStretch® Printed Bands keep your company, product, or cause in consumers’ minds for years to come.

Aero’s PromoStretch® printed silicone bands offer superb high-resolution characters, graphics and symbols. Their appearance is enhanced by brilliant colors.  As a result of our processes our custom silicone bands last year to year.

PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands are ALWAYS ADVERTISING FOR YOU OR YOUR CLIENT!

Custom Printed Rubber Band Examples

Work with our team to create your custom silicone band. We strive to make your experience as carefree as possible. You’ll enjoy our attention to customer service and in-depth knowledge. Our teams help in color, size, and print selection. So, when it comes to using a premium product like Aero’s PromoStretch® printed advertising bands, it pays to work with a knowledgeable sales engineer. Trust Aero Rubber Company®, Inc. to all your printed band needs. Also, check out our line of custom wristbands, rubber band office supplies, and more.

Need more details? Or, would you like to consult with a rubber band division sales engineer? Call (800) 662-1009 or contact Aero Rubber today.

ASI/33103     PPAI# 591578

FAQs About PromoStretch® Custom Printed Rubber Bands

Do you offer volume discounts for custom printed rubber bands?

Yes. We offer graduated pricing for all of our PromoStretch® rubber bands, but the specifics will depend on your order quantity. Request a quote from our team to learn more about volume discounts.

What design features are available on PromoStretch® rubber bands?

We offer a variety of customization and design options to help your rubber bands stand out, including:

  • Single– or multi-color printing, including logos, text, and images
  • Custom colors, including color combinations on the same band such as segmented or swirled colors
  • Custom sizes, including width and thickness
  • Translucent and glow-in-the-dark options
  • Debossed, embossed, and color-filled printing options

What material are PromoStretch® rubber bands made from?

PromoStretch® rubber bands are made from Aero Rubber’s specialized stretchy silicone formulation, a silicone-based material that keeps colors vibrant and stretches without breaking. Our silicone formulation is also UV-resistant, non-latex, washable, reusable, and resistant to heat and cold. Using silicone rather than natural rubber ensures that your printed rubber bands will have a longer lifespan.

How do I order PromoStretch® custom rubber bands?

To begin the ordering process for your PromoStretch® custom rubber bands, request a quote to contact a member of our sales team. We will provide guidance every step of the way, helping you choose colors, print, and size to meet your custom rubber band requirements.

What information do I need to provide to the sales team?

The most important information to have ready for our sales team includes the circumference or perimeter of the object your custom silicone bands will be placed around, the desired width of the band, the quantity of bands you require, and your requested time frame.

Can I get sample bands?

Yes, we can send you sample bands in a similar size and color to your requested design.

Is there a minimum purchase amount for PromoStretch® printed rubber bands?

Yes. All PromoStretch® orders must total at least $250.